Prototyping & 3D Printing

The manufacturing industry is experiencing an increasing trend in cost-effective manufacturing and rapid production solutions, which is leading to favourable growth for the overall economy. There has been a technological shift in the demand & requirements for the development of heterogeneous & innovative materials for (AM) additive manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping & 3D printing has been continuously growing in new markets with new applications in industries like aerospace, automotive, locomotive, electronics, semiconductors, healthcare, renewable energy and consumer products industries. With usage of 3D printing technology, it is feasible to establish an agile manufacturing eco-system, which reduces the overall lead time from inception to reality or ready to use stage by more than 70%, based on the desired manufacturing process. 


Our Services

  • Open Innovation
  • Trend | Value Chain Scouting
  • New Material | New Product Development
  • Strategic innovation roundtables
  • 3D Modelling
  • FEM Analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • 3D Printing | Additive Manufacturing
  • Blockchain Technology in Additive Manufacturing

Let's inspire, innovate & construct the world together.

We help all the companies along the value chain to inspire, innovate & construct their materials or products and transform them into digital solutions. This business transformation in their respective industry will help them to become pioneers & understand the end consumer needs much closely & precisely. TRIGENIO innovation accompanies with you in mapping the complete customer journey & developing business concepts via design thinking. This helps you integrate & realize your business goals together with additive manufacturing .

We keep in account the key parameters of additive manufacturing like the complete design engineering, Layer height, thickness, Infill, Shells, Printing Speed, Temperature, Overhangs, viscosity, FEA analysis, material quality etc. for assorted 3D printing machines & methods.