Other Industries

Transportation, Logistics, Aerospace, Electronics, Semiconductors & Renewable Energy

TRIGENIO innovation GmbH goal is make this world a better & greener place to live for our future generations. Developing sophisticated technologies & alternative sources via open innovation is our core competence.

Globalization and new technologies have motivated the industries to innovate & improvise their product & service portfolio. Modifying to the needs of the local customer, shortening the time frame for product-to-market life cycles, reducing costs, innovation and technological breakthroughs, new business model innovation are the new trends disrupting the overall value chain & eco-system of assorted industries.



Following are the set of service offerings for these industries:

  • Open Innovation
  • Trend / value chain Scouting
  • New Business Innovation
  • Design Engineering
  • Module Development
  • FEM Analysis
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping
  • IoT | IIoT | M2M