Automotive & E-Mobility

TRIGENIO innovation is dedicated in empowering & developing the future of mobility. We are engaged into exploring, analysing & building the optimal autonomous driving experience for our customers. We hold immense experience & technical know-how in the research and development, design & innovation who have the potential to transform ideas to a dream solution.

We are focused in delivering zero – accident, smart & innovative autonomous driving solutions to the future mobility.  We have a dedicated team in the field of autonomous driving who are continuously contributing to the various short, mid & long range radar & LiDAR systems covering the overall spectrum of service offerings.

Guiding the OEM’s to achieve the Level 5 autonomous driving experience. TRIGENIO innovation is confident & proud to be a part of the complete journey for designing & constructing the Level 1 to Level 5 experience of autonomous driving.


  • Innovative Design – Interiors & Exteriors
  • Autonomous Driving (ADAS) 
  • Radar / LiDAR Technology
  • Connected Vehicles
  • E-Mobility
  • Emerging technologies  (innovative sensors, industry 4.0)

Inspire, innovate & construct

Design Engineering to Production Development, Module Development & Calculations, Component Development, Engineering Consulting

Radar & LiDAR Technology

Front & backend Radar / LiDAR System, 360° visbility & object detection, Bild spot detection, Night vision technology, Lane departure warning, Speed assist Forward collision alert, Innovative sensors integration, Multi-functional camera systems, 5G technology compatibility testing & rollouts

Autonomous Driving Experience

Autopilot driving, Adaptive cruise control (ACC), Adaptive light control system, Anti-lock braking system, Autonomous parking system, Night vision, Blind spot monitor, Collision avoidance system (Pre-crash system), Crosswind stabilization, Driver drowsiness detection, Driver detection system, Emergency driver assistant, Forward collision warning (FCW), Intersection assistant, Hill ascent / descent control, Intelligent speed adaptation, Lane centering, Lane departure warning system (LDW), Lane change assistance, Parking sensors, Pedestrian protection system, Rain sensors, Surround View system, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Traffic sign recognition, Turning assistant, Vehicular communication systems, Wrong-way driving warning